Who we are

Artilucas is a company specialized in the creation, production and decoration of decorative ceramic products.

With over two decades of existence, we are a company that has always been guided by high standards of quality and excellence with the word innovation always being at the top of the agenda.

We are a young and dynamic team that combines the irreverence of those who want to be different and unique with the know-how and an extraordinary history resulting from a precious family heritage experienced by the previous generation.


Create, produce and decorate pots and other decorative accessories with a modern and innovative design.

Our business strategy has always been a bet on quality handmade work in which art has a prominent role and is a differentiating factor due to the unique characteristic of each piece produced.

Our positioning in the market involves achieving recognition and notoriety as a reference company in the segment of decoration and accessories for plants.


Our inspiration comes from the art and tradition of ceramic production, executed by the craftsman's talent and know-how, adding a strong design component to each product.

A plant lives in a pot and it can and should add beauty to it.

The balance between the design of the pieces and their usefulness in welcoming a plant is what we pursue.

Artilucas is driven by immense passion and commitment by its team. Our commitment is to our customers. Our passion is for what we do daily.


Our values are based on four fundamental ideas, which we do not give up:

  • Commitment to our customer - we work daily to surprise and exceed our customers' expectations;
  • Quality of our product - excellence will always be our commitment;
  • Respect for people – we believe that the people are the best asset of any company. Customers, suppliers, employees or other partners are very valuable and are our focus;
  • Thinking about the future – looking with joy, motivation and ambition at what the future holds. The nonconformity of those who always want to do more and better. The irreverence of those who want to leave their mark.

Production of Exclusive Designs - Product Customization

Do you want to develop and design projects thought to detail with your own unique design?

Artilucas will be happy to participate and develop your ceramic products. We believe that the collaboration between designers and artisans brings an endless number of unique and exclusive possibilities where customization is a challenge that we propose to enhance your project.

We analyze the technical possibility of each requested product and, if we be able to produce it, we constantly monitor the entire process, from product design to production, packaging and transportation.

Show us your project and let's talk.

Contact us

  • Rua das Lapinhas, 3220-143 Moinhos, Miranda do Corvo - Coimbra, Portugal
  • +351 93 425 47 39
  • geral@artilucas.pt